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GEISHA Expression Data

This file contains NCBI Gene ID, NCBI Gene Name, GEISHA ID, Ensembl ID, GO terms, embryo stage and anatomy locations. The file is available in two formats:

Chicken Gene Orthology

This file contains NCBI Chicken Gene ID, NCBI Gene Name, GEISHA ID, NCBI Human Gene ID, NCBI Mouse Gene ID, NCBI Xenopus Gene ID, NCBI Zebrafish Gene ID. The file is a tab delimited text file with one gene per row.

Download: orthology.txt (June 21, 2024, 12:42 AM)

PCR Primers to Generate DNA Templates for In Vitro Transcription of RNA Probes

This file contains RT-PCR primer sequences to amplify DNA templates for generating antisense RNA probes. Generating in vitro transcription templates by PCR eliminates the need to obtain a cDNA containing plasmid in order to generate an antisense probe for in situ hybridization. All primers contain a T3 polymerase binding side on the 5' end of the reverse primer. Some primers also contain restriction enzyme sites. The download file contains the following information: NCBI Gene ID, Gene Description, GEISHA ID, Forward and Reverse, and expected PCR product length. All of the primer sequences have been used to generate in situ hybridization expression data that is available in GEISHA. more info

Download: primers.txt (July 28, 2023, 12:09 AM)

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