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"Whole Genome" Microarrays:

  1. 21,000+ feature long oligo array: A set of 70 mer oligos was designed by Richard Talbot and colleagues at the Roslin Institute based upon ENSEMBL gene transcripts, the BBSRC fully sequenced set and the DT40 full length cDNAs using programs that have been used to design 50mer human and mouse long oligo sets. The initial chicken set was then modified somewhat to remove several thousand non coding RNA sequences (microRNAs were retained). A consortium of eleven laboratories purchased a large quantity of oligos. We have printed microarrays using this oligo set that are available for purchase.
    Click here for more information. Contact Adam Hoying through information on the right side of the homepage.

    Download our annotation file here:

  2. Chicken 20K Array: This microarray contain the same 70mer oligo set described above, and is printed by ARK-Genomics. Click here for more information:
  3. Affymetrix: Affymetrix offers a GeneChip Chicken Genome Array covering 32,773 transcripts corresponding to over 28,000 chicken genes. Click here for more information.
  4. Agilent: Agilent has produced a chicken microarray containing 43,803 gallus probes. Click here for more information.

Additional Chicken Microarrays:

FHCRC Chicken 13KcDNA; Chicken 5K Immune cDNA; Chicken Bioceramic cDNA; Chicken 5K Neuroendocrine Array: These microarrays are available through ARK-Genomics. Click here for more information.
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